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Carlsen Cromwell

​​In the early 70's, I met Don Cromwell when he moved from the Bay area to Federal Way Washington. We were in bands together for several years .

If you want something a bit different - or at the very least on the laid back and reserved side of things - consider the spring of 2015 debut full length of Carlsen Cromwell, The Lucky Side

This project is a collaboration between Les and Don Cromwell, who acted as the touring bassist with renowned pop group Air Supply between 1983 and 1987 in addition to touring and recording with rock legend Eddie Money over a six year period.  To his credit, Cromwell co-wrote three tracks off the hit self-titled Air Supply album from 1985. Those interested in a laid back 70’s rock meets classic rock sound (or are otherwise Les Carlsen fans) are strongly encouraged to check out the Carlsen Cromwell debut The Lucky Side.


Les Carlsen 1971

There’s underrated, under-appreciated and overlooked.  And then there is plain old forgotten.  As in Les Carlsen’s debut solo album, which could not have fallen between the cracks more in light of how he recorded it in 1971, hence its title, while touring as the lead role ‘Claude’ with the Broadway musical Hair.  The iconic front man, with six studio albums and three live albums to his credit as part of Christian metal legends BLOODGOOD, put the album together with a group of musicians from Seattle but it never saw release until now.  A lost treasure recently rediscovered by the artist on cassette, 1971 saw official release on Girder Music in January of 2019 as a full-length 11-song album (in the digi pak format) after being re-mastered by former BLOODGOOD guitarist David Zaffiro.


St John in Exile

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